Virus Updates

I have had a number of emails from people asking how we can help our neighbours and look after our community in these strange times.

A number of local groups including the LRA, Laleham Good Neighbours and All Saints Church are meeting to put together a plan of action and offer a central contact for help and advice. I will be sending out regular updates on how this plan develops.

In the mean-time: –

If anyone is running any local initiatives or has news about local, services, please let me know so that I can distribute the information.

If you are a Facebook user, please post your information on the Laleham Residents Association Group page, link above.

If you need help or are concerned about a friend or neighbour, you can of course contact the LRA and we will try to help.

We have a very busy Facebook group which people update daily with all sorts of local information and a few things to make you smile as well which are much needed. If you don’t use Facebook you can still view the postings but you can’t comment.

Take a look here or click on the link in our header above:-

If you want to communicate with the group it is very easy to set up a Facebook account. If you need help, let me know.

A couple of bits of news:-

  1. The Lucan Pavilion is CLOSED

“Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have decided to suspend the operation of the Lucan Pavilion for the foreseeable future. It is clear that the Government Advice to stay out of Pubs and Clubs should apply to us and our Members. We very much regret this, but feel it is the only sensible course of action. We will review the situation on a regular basis and let you know of any changes.”

Richard Stokes 07880 706524

  1. A personal message from Carrie-Anne at CAVO’s

It’s with a heavy heart that we have decided to close Cavo’s Coffee Shop for a minimum period of 2 weeks from Thursday 19th March and I will be self-isolating at home during this scary time as I am a Type one diabetic. 😓

It’s been an extremely hard decision, Whilst I have followed the governments advice I now think that it is in the best interest of my family, my staff and their families and also our amazing customers that we close our doors until the storm has passed.

We hope you all stay safe and we will be thinking of you all and we hope we will see you all soon when things eventually go back to normality, I would like to thank you for all your amazing support and custom and we truly have the best customers in the world 🌎

Please keep following our page for up to date information of when we will be reopening.

Stay safe, take care and we will see you all soon

Big Love from Carrie-Anne Ellery and the Cavo’s Team ❤️❤️❤️

  1. Advice from Steve at the Laleham Computer Club


This new social reality unfortunately means new attack opportunities for hackers, who have already found ways to use the coronavirus in scams and phishing attempts to steal your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, money and time.

Here are just a few of the tricks scammers are using these days:

  • Illegitimate websites selling medical supplies that can’t be found in pharmacies and stores anymore: hand sanitizer, masks, thermometers. They’ll take your money but never deliver.
  • Email scams featuring “doctors” pretending to work for the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) asking you to download attachments for more information or to donate bitcoin.
  • “Donate to Fight Coronavirus” scam e-mails asking you to donate for Coronavirus victims, medical staff or even COVID-19 studies.

Be on your guard!