Staines-upon-Thames: a masterplan for the town centre

Wowser! Team Harvey, (just in case you didn’t know that a Mr and Mrs team now run the council), have a plan…

This approach has the chance to be a welcome change for the folk of Staines. Years of commercial decline and multiple occupancy development with no regard to traffic and other infrastructure. Pound shops and empty units on the high street, Elmsleigh Centre cheap and tatty, prime Waitrose unit vacant for years, Debenhams on the way out, Historic Town Hall trashed. Insufficient and overpriced parking, eternal traffic queues on the bridge. Every vacant site where a little demolition and remodelling could have improved traffic flow thrown to developers and built on right up to the kerb….

I hope that the LRA and other Residents Associations surrounding Staines will be consulted – as we would actually like to be able to access this new nirvana.

Now that there are thousands of people living right in the centre of Staines, in little boxes with no cars, there will be a temptation to cater only to foot traffic and forget the outlying villages who rely on the services of our big sister, Staines.

The press release below already suggests this as it will “.. look at options for improving access around the town centre particularly for pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport”

I hope our councillors do not forget those who need cars, parking and busses to access this lovely new town centre, not to mention the Station.

We are also residents of Spelthorne.


Sent: 05 May 2020 09:34
Subject: News release: Staines-upon-Thames: a masterplan for the town centre

5 May

Staines-upon-Thames: a masterplan for the town centre

Spelthorne Borough Council has appointed a team led by town planning and urban design experts David Lock Associates to prepare a masterplan for the town centre of Staines-upon-Thames. The masterplan will examine various opportunities for beneficial change.

In addition, the masterplan will consider ways to diversify the range of activities that take place in the town centre, and look at options for improving access around the town centre particularly for pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport. The masterplan will also focus on making the town centre a more attractive place to spend time in, improving existing streets and spaces and capitalising on the town’s location on the River.

Underpinning the masterplan will be a delivery strategy setting out how changes can be implemented over the short, medium and long term which will aim to be aspirational but also achievable and deliverable. The masterplan is being prepared in support of the emerging Spelthorne Local Plan and will be used as part of the evidence base for that document.

Councillor Ian Harvey, Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for the Council to plan the future of Staines-upon-Thames town centre to create an even more attractive and welcoming place to live and do business. The Council recognises that these are challenging times for our town centres, but through engaging extensively with businesses, residents and stakeholders and working proactively to address issues and opportunities, we will make Staines-upon-Thames an even more vibrant and resilient place for the future.”

Councillor Helen Harvey, Spelthorne Council’s Portfolio Holder for Investment Portfolio Management and Regeneration, said: “Being a major landowner gives us a unique opportunity to create a strong long-term vision for a thriving town centre. We are focused on creating a plan which acknowledges the way residents use the town centre is changing and will consider all aspects including infrastructure, retail, residential housing, the arts, leisure and culture.”

Matthew Lappin, senior associate at David Lock Associates, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Spelthorne Borough Council to produce a masterplan for Staines-upon-Thames town centre. The town already has a number of key assets, a good variety or shops, businesses and leisure facilities, and an attractive setting by the River Thames. The aim of the masterplan will be to find ways of maintaining these assets and identify new and deliverable opportunities to make the town centre an even better place to live, work and spend time in.”


David Lock Associates are one of the UK’s leading town planning and urban design practices with over 30 years’ experience working across the UK. They have worked with many local authorities to produce town and city centre masterplans, most recently in Lichfield, Bury St Edmunds, Chichester, Doncaster, Haverhill and Stevenage.

Louise King

PR & Communications Officer

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