Shepperton Studios 106 Commitments

Last February, when two of our local councillors voted for the expansion of Shepperton Studios “for the good of the national economy”, Laleham was promised some ameliorative work to improve road safety and prepare us for the increase in traffic to come.

Various road safety trinkets are in the bag including a pedestrian crossing outside best one – which is supposed to be installed by July 2020 – and adjustments to The Broadway roundabout which are due at a later date.

We were also promised 3 sets of  “Gates”, see serving suggestion below…

This type of signage and the accompanying road markings are supposed to encourage cars to slow down. Pretty nice if they work.

The gates were due to be completed within a year of the application approval. However a councillor who is close to the Pinewood Group but who never speaks to the LRA, seems to be delaying things by suggesting that LRA membership is insignificant and irrelevant and we shouldn’t be allowed to lead the process.

Because of this, Pinewood apparently put a notice in Shepperton and Laleham Village Matters magazine for a wider number of residents to peruse and comment on. Fortunately for them, the LRA were on hand to actually deliver the magazines – which we do every month.

I hope everyone is now happy and we look forward to the completion of this work very soon.

This is turning into a really disappointing February….