Possible Development in Laleham

Local landowner, Tarmac, have drawn up outline plans for a development on Home Farm (which is the first field on your left as you head toward Shepperton).

They approached us with these plans and LRA committee members recently had a meeting with Tarmac and their advisors. They told us that they had seen representatives from Spelthorne Borough Council for the first time immediately before our meeting.

Their plan is to build approximately 230 homes, provide land to the Laleham Recreation Ground for an additional football pitch and construct a bypass around the centre of Laleham. A copy of the plan is attached.

Residents views are likely to vary widely, ranging from protection of the green belt at all costs and serious concerns about floodplain, to the desire for a bypass to alleviate the traffic issues which have been the main concern of many residents for a long time.

Clearly more detailed information will be needed to form a considered opinion. This would include the type of homes that would be built? Whether the plan would incorporate shops and what other community facilities could be included, either on the development or in the centre of Laleham? What are Laleham Recreation Ground’s plans for use of the additional pitch? There will also be questions about traffic re-routing and restrictions and what protection – if any – we could obtain to prove that this is not just the first stage of a larger development?

This is all at a very early stage. The development is not part of the draft local plan but that does not mean it will not go ahead.

The LRA are arranging a meeting for residents to meet with Tarmac and their advisers. Borough Councillors and Officials and the Chair of The Laleham Recreation Ground are also being invited. Diaries are being coordinated and we will let you have a date as soon as possible.

The meeting will enable Tarmac to present and for Spelthorne representatives to explain planning procedures and considerations. The main purpose will be to gauge your initial response, to enable you to ask questions and to identify any benefits that the development could provide if it goes ahead.