Neighbourhood Watch Contact

A couple of people have told me that they are worried about groups of youths wandering around at night? I know there have been problems on Brett’s Littleton Lane site and also a string or break-ins through Staines and Ashford… And what was that burnt-out truck outside the allotments all about?!

I don’t know where people are sometime in their stupid heads but I suppose a lot of small businesses and offices are currently locked up and empty and could be vulnerable? So just in case you do see anything suspicious, we have a very useful contact at Surrey Police who operates the local neighbourhood watch scheme and can advise you on non-urgent concerns.

Don’t forget you must still use 999 for emergencies and 101 for non-emergencies – this is an additional contact if you maybe want to enquire about neighbourhood watch, email your particular concerns or get useful information on local anti-crime initiatives.

Contact:- Vic Smith

North Division: Designing Out Crime Officer
Specialist Neighbourhood Team
Surrey Police
01483 631147 or 07989 188306
PO Box 101
Surrey GU1 9PE
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