Floodlights on Laleham Rec APPROVED

On Tuesday 14th July,  Spelthorne Planning Committee APPROVED the latest floodlight application for Laleham Recreation Ground notwithstanding objections from residents and Ward Councillor Maureen Attewell.

In summary, this now allows six 15m high floodlight columns with two LED lights per column around the existing football pitch.

They can be used for Saturday afternoon matches from the end of October to mid-February between 15:45 and 17:30 (approximately)

They can also be used mid-week between September to April on approximately 15 occasions for 19:45 kick offs. Lights should be off by 22:00

The installation is solely to enable Staines Lammas football team to play their fixtures when there is insufficient daylight. There is no provision for out of hours training or children’s activities.

The application was submitted by Staines Lammas Football Team with the support of the Laleham Village Trustees, who manage the land on behalf of residents. The next step is for Staines Lammas to secure funding to purchase and install the floodlights.

The LRA did not take an official position on this application as opinion among members was mixed.

The LRA do however take great interest in the recreation ground which is owned and manage by the Village Trustees as a historical gift to the people of Laleham. We want to ensure that the beneficiaries’ position is not prejudiced, We are corresponding with the Village Trustees and hope to receive clarification on their thoughts on this project soon.