A Residents forum for YOUR Issues

Hi All,

You may have read the announcements made by the leader of Spelthorne Borough council, Cllr Boughtflower, which I circulated on 3rd August.

He is proposing the establishment of a Residents Forum to be made up the Leaders of recognised Residents Associations. The stated purpose is to ensure that councillors engage properly with residents and seek their views on what the council is doing. To hear YOUR voice!

Boughtflower says: – “This (forum) will give RA’s direct access to Councillors and Officers. We do not want layers of bureaucracy slowing down decision making and frustrating Residents. We want to ensure we can listen to the concerns and constructive contributions of Residents Associations and act decisively to put Residents First.”

In preparation for this, the LRA would like to ask for your feedback on the issues that concern you. Could you please rank how bothered you are by the items on the following list:-

  1. Gravel Extraction
  2. Climate change
  3. Preservation of local Green Belt
  4. HGVs travelling through Laleham
  5. Local plan
  6. Proposal for 20mph speed limit throughout Laleham

So, for example if you think that preservation of local green belt is the most important issue, you want a 20MPH speed limit and you are upset by HGVs in Laleham, you would reply:-

C / F / D

You can rank all 6 or just nominate 1 if you like. This is just to get an idea of how residents feel.

Of course if you have another issue which is not mentioned above, please let me know.

Send your email to lalehamra@gmail.com