Nov 2020 – Possible 20mph Speed Limit in Laleham

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At the inaugural Residents Forum, Spelthorne Council Leader John Boughtflower undertook to support  a 20mph zone in Laleham.

A follow-up meeting was attended by JB, our Chair David Furst, the Head of Highways at Surrey CC and two Surrey CC cabinet members including the member responsible for transport. All present were supportive of a 20mph zone.

The question arose as to what area it should cover. There was agreement that the centre of the village would be encompassed but it was explained that the start of a zone needed to be a “logical boundary” so that  motorists would comply.

Option A entrances might be:

Where the metal signs currently are placed on the three main roads into Laleham namely

–  Just before Abbey Drive on Shepperton Road

–  Immediately before the bend where Meeson Toby used to be on Ashford Road

–  The water intake on Staines Road

A further entrance is via Thameside and the suggested start of the zone would be just before the two boat houses.

Some form of traffic calming would be required to include the ‘less built up’ parts namely, Shepperton Road by the playground before the houses and  the unbuilt  of section of Ashford Road. The traffic calming  could take the form of  priority islands on Shepperton and Ashford roads, as in Worple Road. These would slow traffic down and possibly cause congestion from time to time but this may  be no bad thing as it would discourage motorists from driving through Laleham. Alternatively or additionally there could be tables, ( long shallow bumps ), on the sectors of Shepperton and Ashford Roads referred to above. It was made clear that any  tables by houses would not be acceptable.

An alternative would be to have a smaller 20mph zone – although this may have less of an impact.

Option B entrances might be:

–  Near the nursery beyond the park on Shepperton Road

–  Just before Grange Place on Ashford Road

–  Near Beach Tree Lane on the Staines Road

However speed limit changes are usually required to be on straight sections of road where motorists have good sight of any signage so the positions in Scheme B may not meet the criteria required by Surrey Highways.

All side roads within the boundaries would also be subject to a 20 limit.

A traffic survey will be carried out by the end of this year which will then be analysed and the zone designed. The LRA have been asked to canvass residents views as to the boundaries of the zone. There is no guarantee that the final boundaries will be in accordance with our wishes or indeed that the zone will actually happen, though our Chair was lead to believe there is a very good chance it will.

This is your chance to let us know your preferences. There are links to maps below showing both options. Please email to let us know your first choice

Option A. Larger zone incorporating some traffic calming measures as described

Option A

Option B. Smaller zone which may have less of an impact? 

Option B

David Furst