Some issues we are working on…

Possible Development in Laleham by TARMAC – March 2020 Summary

Local landowner, Tarmac, have drawn up outline plans for a development on Home Farm. Their plan is to build approximately 230 homes, provide land to the Laleham Recreation Ground for an additional football pitch and construct a bypass around the centre of Laleham.

Residents views are likely to vary widely, ranging from protection of the green belt at all costs and serious concerns about floodplain, to the desire for a bypass to alleviate the traffic issues which have been the main concern of many residents for a long time.

Clearly more detailed information will be needed to form a considered opinion and this is all at a very early stage. The development is not part of the draft local plan but that does not mean it will not go ahead.

The LRA are arranging a meeting for residents to meet with Tarmac and their advisers. Borough Councillors and Officials and the Chair of The Laleham Recreation Ground are also being invited. The meeting will enable Tarmac to present and for Spelthorne representatives to explain planning procedures and considerations.

Littleton Lane 2020 – March 2020 Summary

In 2017 the LRA began a campaign to enforce a decades old agreement to close & fully restore the mineral extraction site at Littleton Lane to rural land by 21st February 2020. Although this deadline was ultimately missed, much work has been done, and is ongoing.

Neglect over many years by Surrey and Spelthorne councillors and planners means that full restoration can never be achieved. However the number of HGVs emanating from the site has been greatly reduced and we continue to meet with Land owner Brett Aggregates and County and Borough planning departments to constrain and influence the future use of the site.

We are currently promised a small, HGV free business park which should receive planning permission in March 2020 and be ready for business in 2022. The rest of the site it to be restored to a publicly accessible circular lake walk with links to Laleham Park where new toilets and catering facilities are planned. Although delays seem likely, we hope to see this opening by the end of 2020.

You can see a “serving suggestion” of the new site layout here

Shepperton Studios 2020- March 2020 Summary

In 2019 Spelthorne planning committee, supported by two of our local councillors, voted to approve the expansion of Shepperton Studios. This massive building project will take place over the next ten years, consuming a large chunk of Laleham green belt which was, (as with Littleton Lane above), formally used for mineral extraction with a decades long promise of return to rural land. This type of incursion onto green belt can only be approved under “very special circumstances”. The circumstance favoured by Spelthorne Councillors was the good of the “national economy”.

The LRA do not agree that matters of the “national economy” should be a key motivator for local councillors.

Although many in the area are in favour of this somewhat “romantic” industry, the reality is very tall buildings of warehouse construction, light and noise pollution and increased traffic. However, on the positive side, maybe they will lend us a Storm Trooper to open the Village Fair?


The Spelthorne Local Plan

Each local planning authority has to have an up-to-date Local Plan setting out the policies and proposals that will guide development in the area. Spelthorne Council have been preparing a new Local Plan for the Borough to cover the period 2020 – 2035. Over 5500 people signed a petition stating that local people wanted their green belt to be protected from development but in Feb 2020 Spelthorne Councillors voted against this petition (they are keeping the matter under review). This is very disappointing as it will not keep our green belt safe.

Please see attached the LRA response to this consultation.

Other local issues include:-

Application for floodlights at Laleham Recreation Ground

The ESSO Southampton to London Pipeline Project

Heathrow Expansion – They think it’s all over? Let’s hope it is now.