LALEHAM VILLAGE FAIR - A great success!!!

Thanks to all who organised, all who helped and all who attended the Laleham Village Fair last Saturday!!!

Please read our review on the attached page and you will find a link to many excellent photos!

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Another Garden Open Day is now behind us and a fine time was had by all

Thanks to all who volunteered to open their gardens and thanks to our many, many visitors who helped make this a day to remember.

The weather was incredible! It was so hot we sold iced water from a Tupperware bin on the street and little old ladies were gulping it down from the bottle where they stood. It was like the end of the world for decorum...

  Lions vs All Blacks final test (ON BREAKFAST TELLY) at Laleham Recreation Ground!
Doors open at 8.00am, games starts 8:35am, tea, coffee bacon rolls and full bar service


I don’t know anything about Rugby but apparently this is a big thing? The Lions are “British and Irish”, which is a lovely combination isn’t it? The All Blacks are apparently from outer space.

After a kicking in the first test, the Lions fought back against a depleted side and squeaked some sort of winner through at the last minute #itwasclose

Why not watch the deciding match in the comfort of the Lucan Pavilion with bacon rolls, tea, coffee and beer to cry into!

The Pavilion will open at 8.00am for an 8.35am kick off - Free Parking. Entrance opposite the Turks Head Pub

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