Littleton Lane 2020 restoration – Negotiations continue…
Laleham and Shepperton Residents Associations are continuing to pursue Spelthorne and Surrey Councils over their years of joint negligence at Littleton Lane.

This negligence created an opportunity for Brett Aggregates to construct a filthy, HGV ridden industrial estate on Green Belt land which it seems is now too valuable for them dismantle - despite decades of disingenuous planning applications and promises to quit.

The Joint Residents Assoc committee have had useful talks with Daniel Mouawad, the Chief Executive of Spelthorne Council, and a meeting with Brett has been scheduled for the end of July.
Shepperton Studios massively increase their footprint with new plans…
Yes, the modest expansion plan which did the rounds a couple of months ago has been superseded by a massive complex which promises to double output.

Towering stage buildings, a new entrance on the Shepperton Rd and an increase in parking from 1,034 to 2,750 tells you all you need to know about the potential for increased congestion.

Many residents want to support this landmark business on our doorstep but assurances need to be made about traffic and visual impact.

This is another planned development on Green Belt Land.

The LRA has a meeting scheduled with Shepperton Studios at the end of July.
  The Esso Pipeline & Heathrow
The Southampton to London Pipeline Project have, as expected have chosen route “J” and we must wait until autumn to hear if this will cross the Ashford Rd close to Meson Toby, due to problems digging near the Queen Mary Reservoir. Local residents are being contacted.

Heathrow expansion – road chaos and damage to the green environment…

Many residents support Heathrow expansion however the additional pressure on our road network and green spaces must be measured along with everything else above and a coherent plan agreed. The LRA support growth and opportunity but not at any cost and not just to feed the financial imperative of big business which does nothing to support residents! -
Contact the LRA or See web site
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