Laleham Pond

Records of the village reveal that there had been a pond on the site since 1604. A long term local resident, Laurie Potter, recalled skating on the pond as a child, and was disappointed to find it was long gone. He approached the Civic Pride Volunteers, who discovered the land was owned by Thames Water.



They were delighted to hear the village wanted its pond back, and have helped enormously with costs for its reinstatement. They have paid for all the fencing in front of the pond and the new gates, and are constantly in touch to ensure it is operating smoothly. A very large donation of £6,000 was given by BAA Heathrow in 1996, and £1,000 by BA, and the excavation was carried out by the Environment Agency.

Now, thanks to the persistence and efforts of local people, the pond is once again a wonderful habitat for rare wild life, and it is often possible to see kingfishers, water voles and even great crested newts.

If you would like to visit the pond, the Spelthorne Civic Pride Volunteers hold regular working bees to ensure the weeds and brambles are cut back and controlled.

If you are interested in joining them, do contact the Laleham Residents Association and we will put you in touch.








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