02/02/17 Laleham bus service still at risk

The 458 is now the ONLY bus which serves Laleham Village. It connects us to neighbouring towns, Staines, Shepperton, Walton and Kingston and is a lifeline to workers as well as shoppers.

Having lost route 438 in August 2015 but gained an improved service on the 458, all seemed at peace.

However, Abellio "downsizing" in December 2016 saw them withdraw from their contract with Surrey County Council and cease to operate the 458.

Surrey County Council, who subsidize the route, have appointed Hallmark to take over the route and, although the timetable has been reduced, at least we still have something...

But SCC have made us aware that funding only exists for this service until August 2017!!!

The current 458 timetable is attached. We await news from Surrey County Council on a more permanent solution.


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