17/10/18 Killoughery Planning Application Thrown out!

Members of the LRA and JRAC met at Kingston Town Hall on 17th October 2018 to make representations to Surrey County Council Planning and Regulatory Committee. As previously noted this application has been roundly snubbed by all concerned and it was left for Surrey Councillors to rubber stamp this disapproval - which they duly did.

As Spelthorne, Surrey, the Environment Agency and the Local Flood Authority, not to mention residents, have all railed against this illegal activity, you would think that Surrey Planners would gird their loins and issue an immediate stop notice?

No Loins to speak of so far. We received the following comment from Surrey Panning control department on 18th October 2018:- “Following a discussion with colleagues, it is important to recognise that a Stop Notice can only be served at the same time as or after an Enforcement Notice has been served. It is also important to point out that Enforcement Action is discretionary and is only undertaken where it is considered expedient to do so. The County Highway Authority have raised no objection to the application on highway safety, capacity or policy grounds. Hence there would be no justification for pursuing immediate enforcement action in the event that planning permission is refused. The County Planning Authority (CPA) also need to be seen to be acting reasonably when pursuing Enforcement Action. Therefore, if permission is refused, Officers would need to negotiate an agreed timetable for running down the business, clearing the material off the site and restoring the aggregates recycling area. We are also conscious that in the event of planning permission being refused, the applicant has 6 months in which to Appeal if they so wish. In terms of the remit of P&R Committee, Officers have delegated powers to undertake Enforcement Action so they cannot be ‘instructed’ to do so by the Planning and Regulatory Committee”.

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