31/12/17 Littleton Lane 2020 - 1st December Meeting

LRA members have made it clear that HGV traffic passing through Laleham is their number-one concern. Shepperton and Charlton Village have similar issues and the three residents associations have formed a Joint Committee (JRAC) to tackle this issue.

Our goal is to ensure that the entire Littleton Lane site is closed and the land restored to Green Belt by 21st Feb 2020. This site is a major source of HGV traffic in our area.

Why 21st Feb 2020? For many years, residents have been told that resistance to gravel and mineral extraction is futile. The only consolation is that minerals are finite. Restoration of the land has been the Holy Grail promised to residents at the end of a very long tunnel.

In December 2010 a binding “106 Agreement” appeared to legally impose a suitable restoration strategy for the area. This was presented to residents as a real plan.

In September 2011, a major review by Surrey CC fixed the completion date for this restoration. The date was 21st Feb 2020. It has not been amended or extended since.

For decades, Conservative led Spelthorne and Surrey Councils have regulated this site on our behalf and there have been many representations to councillors over the years about the distressing levels of HGV traffic emanating from Littleton Lane. The solution repeatedly offered has been restoration in 2020.

However, we recently uncovered information which suggests that this restoration plan is potentially unenforceable. It seems that either Spelthorne or Surrey may have had their eyes off the ball…

The JRAC met with Spelthorne and Surrey Planning Officers on 1st December. It was reported that Spelthorne BC had inspected the site in October and are in the process of investigating various anomalies. Surrey CC are meeting with Brett in December (17) to discuss their intentions and to request that they honour their agreements.

It was a useful exchange at which all parties stated their commitment to 2020 Restoration. However, the path is rocky and the future could lie solely with Brett, who own the site.

The JRAC will meet with both councils again in Jan/Feb and we expect regular meetings to follow until the situation is resolved. We will of course keep you updated.

BE WARNED RESIDENTS INVOLVED IN THE RECENT MANOR FARM PEMISSIONS. Similar promises are currently being made at your site and they may not be worth the many hundreds of pages they are written on!

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