01/06/17 Report on the discussion on the Laleham Traffic Survey at the LRA AGM

A note from David Furst - LRA chairman…

For those of you who were not able to attend the LRA AGM on 17th May 2017, here is a summary of our discussion on the Laleham traffic survey undertaken by Surrey County Council in July 2016.

(I attach below an extract from the email circulated on 29 April in advance of the AGM as a refresher).

Those present at the AGM endorsed the three numbered recommendations set out below and in addition requested that the 30mph speed limit that starts just before Ferry Lane on Shepperton Road be moved back 150 yards or so towards Shepperton.

Surrey County Councillor Richard Walsh was not averse to this.

The recommendations need to be approved at the Joint Committee meeting, (expected 17th July 2017). It is likely that the recommendations will be phased in over the next two or three years as Surrey are pleading poverty.

The LRA Committee and those attending the AGM strongly expressed their disappointment at the report. Whilst the recommendations were supported it was felt that these were merely the tip of the iceberg and were insufficient to resolve the issues of traffic speed, volume and pollution through the village. In particular there was unanimous disappointment that a 20mph zone in the centre of the village was not approved. This was the prime wish of virtually everyone present. The report made no mention of traffic calming measures that could be implemented in the centre of the village such as additional signage, crossings and possibly an additional mini roundabout. I have written to Richard Walsh to ask for an additional meeting to see how these issues can be pursued.

Prior to the meeting we had requested back up information from the traffic survey and we did indeed receive a plethora of data relating to traffic movements in the second week in July 2016. Each weekday during this period, over 21,500 vehicles went through the centre of the village. This includes over 350 HGVs and 1500 LGVs. Between 6am and 6pm 28 HGVs went through the village every hour. These are astonishingly high volumes

Possible good news since the AGM is that the application to continue to use the Littleton Lane Recycling Facility has now expired and no fresh application has been submitted. Hopefully this will reduce the volume of HGVs we all have to endure to some extent but it is too early to draw conclusions. In any event extraction at the site has to be completed and the site returned to agricultural use by February 2020 and it is hoped that the industrial estate will close at the same time.

Donnica has prepared a note of Richards explanations for the decision making process in the Traffic report and this is attached.

To conclude some chipping away at the edges has been achieved but everyone believes much more needs to be done. We will continue the dialogue with Richard Walsh and Surrey CC and seek to get further changes

Extract from 29th April Email

THE LRA AGM on 17th May will centre around the unacceptable level of traffic in the village. Our County Councillor Richard Walsh will be presenting the traffic surveys that have been completed recently. A link to these in full can be found on the document attached below...

...The Laleham Village section start on page 95 (actual page 105). The Ashford Road section on page 141 (actual page 151).

The main recommendation are:-

1. The reduction of the speed limit in the 50mph section of Shepperton Road to 40mph.

2. Village gateways, yellow backed speed limit terminal signs, slow markings, red high friction surfacing and vehicle activated signs on Shepperton Road to make motorists aware they are entering the village

3. An anti-skid strip of high friction surfacing at the junction of Abbey Drive and Shepperton Road

The recommendations will be considered for budgetary approval at a meeting of the joint committee (Spelthorne and Surrey ) on 24 May {NOW 17th JULY 2017}.

The LRA welcome these recommendations but are disappointed that requests to reduce the speed limit in the center of the village to 20mph and along the Ashford Road to 30mph have been turned down

The reports make no mention of facilitated pedestrian crossing points in the center of the village. Nor do they advise on how the tiled crossing at the mini roundabout which was tarmacked over last year, (despite requests this should not be done ), is to be re-marked. The report says nothing about the impact of air pollution from lorries and other vehicles and the sheer volume of traffic going through the village, some of it oversized and unfit for our narrow roads.

David Furst - LRA chairman

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