11/01/17 Kempton Park Development Update

The development of Kempton Park has been talked about for a long time and a press release from the Jockey Club hit the news this week prompting a lot of news coverage like the article linked below.


Spelthorne BC have always opposed these plans and one might presume that would be enough.

No planning permission = No development right?

However, I guess we would be naïve to think that’s the end of it.

As a racecourse, it is highly thought of but for some reason it does not attract the year-round punters.

Of course, as a potential building site it is worth an absolute fortune and the Jockey club have long treated this development as a done deal.

Who knows what they really have up their sleeves?

I have attached an article outlining Cllr Ian Harvey’s open letter to the press published today.

Hot on the heels of the BP deal, Spelthorne obviously feel flush enough to buy the site “..for use as open space”.

Pull the other one!

Mind you… IF Spelthorne could get their hands on Kempton and generate some income by producing a lower density, pleasing development with plenty of “open space” and all the necessary improvements to infrastructure - there may be some benefit to residents?

They would obviously have to leave the site to rot for a few years to allow previous commitments to fade into the distance….

I don’t think there are any votes or surveys for you to contribute to at this time, unless anyone wants to tell me about one?

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