03/07/16 Laleham Village Fair 2016 - Wind and Woofing...

Thanks to all who attended the Laleham Village Fair on Saturday 2nd July on the Lucan Recreation Ground.

We danced around the puddles and stuffed ourselves with buns and ice cream and the event was a fabulous success, despite a number of gazebo-lifting gusts and a few, hearty downpours...

Huge thanks go to our wonderful local celebrity Nina Wadia who braved the worst of the weather to present her opening speech.

We absolutely LOVED the Dream Catchers Stage School for an uplifting display of modern dance and the Chris Dunne Country and Western Band for providing the atmosphere. We are grateful to all of the very generous businesses and individuals who donated Raffle prizes - including a Robbie Williams gold disc! Wowzer!

As usual, some of the biggest stars of the afternoon were your dogs, (although I thought it unfair that humans could not enter the "catch a sausage" competition as I know I would have won...). Barney here was best in show - what a stunner!

Next year I think we must be due a blazing hot summer day - but we are not complaining. Thanks to you it couldn't have been any better!

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