01/05/16 Hanging Basket Donations Drive April to June 2016!

Itís hanging basket time again! As usual, the LRA are co-ordinating the purchase and placement of flower baskets throughout the village and we need your help!

In recent years, funds allowing, we have tried to extend the display on the Ashford Road and the Staines Road. Last year was our biggest display ever and they really looked wonderful. I hope you will agree that this expenditure is a good use of LRA funds. A way to spread a little joy to members, non-members and visitors alike!

The baskets, (which are supplied by Spelthorne Council), have increased in price again this year and a large one is now £112.00. This sounds like a crazy amount of money but it does include watering and maintenance for the whole season and if we can get them up for 1st June, they should be splendid all the way through to the end of October - so they do have long term benefit.

Last year we spent £2,052.00 on flower baskets and you kindly made direct donations of £1,76.00 leaving £976.00 to be funded from general membership subscriptions and events. This year we want to try and do the same. Due to the price increase, the flowers will cost £2,128.00 this year and we would be very grateful for all of your contributions, great or small.

To make a contribution to THE LALEHAM HANGING BASKET DONATION DRIVE, please email the membership secretary using the contact tab

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