Heathrow Expansion Consultation - HAVE YOUR SAY!
As you may know, Heathrow Airports Ltd (HAL) are currently in the second phase of consultations about the expansion of Heathrow.

This consultation runs from 18th June 2019 to 13th September 2019 and we are all invited to “have our say…”

The LRA have been delving into the detail of Heathrow’s recently released and “updated” plans and learning about the effect they will have on Laleham and the Borough of Spelthorne.

As a result, we have decided to oppose Heathrow Expansion and will be petitioning our Councillors and MP to this effect.

If you were previously a supporter of a third runway, we urge you to look at these new plans carefully and think again…

The attached leaflet produced by Spelthorne Council outlines how to respond.

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Heathrow Expansion - Spelthorne to debate motions to withdraw support
At a Council meeting on 18th July, a cross party group of Labour, Green and Lib Dem councillors proposed two motions requiring that Spelthorne Borough Council withdraw support for Heathrow Expansion

These motions were, apparently, rather briskly deferred to an “extraordinary” meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny committee (‘O&S’) on 3rd September 2019.

This will be a public meeting and I encourage you to attend and hear the debate for yourselves.

Contact the LRA if you would like more details.

  LITTLETON LANE 2020 CAMPAIGN – Promises Finally on the Table!
The restoration of Littleton Lane has begun!

Although the entire site will not be returned to green belt, we hope to get something back for the community to help make up for past mistakes….

The LRA and Joint Resident Associations Committee met with representatives from Brett and members of Surrey County Council and Spelthorne Borough Council on Tuesday, 4th June 2019.

1. At this meeting, Brett unveiled provisional plans to replace the industrial estate with a 7 acre “Business Park in a landscaped setting” intended for startups and light industrial use only, e.g. no HGV operators.

An official planning application is promised later in the year and if Brett and Spelthorne Borough Council push hard enough and residents approve, work will start in 2020.

2. Brett also presented a revised restoration scheme for the remainder of the site. This includes public access, as requested by the LRA and JRAC last July, in the form of a long, loop-walk around

the lake with access from Laleham Park.

This public footpath with access from Laleham Park could be a wonderful thing…

However, yet another official planning application is required for this scheme and it needs approval from Heathrow Airport (believe it or not), before Surrey CC and residents can have their say.

Restoration is also complicated by the Southampton to London Pipeline depot, (planned to be operation at Littleton Lane for 2 yrs from 2021), and the Lower Thames Flood Relief Scheme (if it ever happens).

Brett assured us that they are in talks with all parties and we believe that these issues are not insurmountable.

There is still talk of a completed restoration by Feb 2020, however, speed of completion must be balanced with the requirement for a quality restoration.

Small delays are realistic but all parties must work to keep these to a minimum.

With two planning applications in the pipeline things remain busy. We are dependent on the input and approval of others and this is always time consuming.

However, at face value, this was a very positive meeting and if all parties keep their word and keep pushing, we could soon turn the page on new chapter in the history of Littleton Lane.

NEXT - The LRA and JRAC will be meeting with Brett to go over their plans in more detail soon.

A drawing on the proposed Business Park and Lake Walk is attached below...

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