Laleham Garden Open Day CANCELLED
The LRA are sad to announce that Laleham Garden Open Day 2018 has been cancelled.

This special day for Laleham, founded 30 years ago by the excellent Beryl Shattock, has been a village celebration to be proud of! We have enjoyed the gardens of many, wonderful and generous contributors and welcomed visitors from as far away as Australia, America and Sunbury. Unfortunately, some of our regular contributors are advancing in years and it has proved impossible to attract enough new residents to open their gardens.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed over the years.

We will test the waters again in 2019 and, if more interest is shown, could perhaps make this a bi-annual event.



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Stop Press!!!

The 3rd JRAC meeting scheduled for 10am on 19th April was Cancelled by Spelthorne Planning department just 2 hours before kick off!

We have requested that they re-schedule BEFORE our A.G.M. on 10th May. Members will be kept informed by email...


LRA members have made it clear that traffic passing through Laleham, particularly HGV traffic, is a serious problem. There was an overwhelming feeling at our AGM last June that this is your number one worry and should be our number one concern. Shepperton and Charlton Village have similar issues and the three residents associations have formed a Joint Committee (JRAC) to tackle this issue.

Our goal is to ensure that the entire Littleton Lane site is closed and the land restored to Green Belt by 21st Feb 2020. This site is a major source of HGV traffic in our area.

The JRAC had their second meeting with Planning Officers from Surrey and Spelthorne on 8th Feb 2018. We learned that Surrey recently met with site owners, Brett, and expressed resident’s views about the February 2020 closure of the entire site. It was reported that Brett are “mindful” of this deadline, but are still in the process of obtaining geological information to ascertain the viability of extracting the last bit of gravel from the site. Although counter-intuitive, we actually want them to do this. Extraction would trigger clearance of the industrial estate and lead to the SP98 reconstruction that we want. It is disappointing that this is taking so long and we would urge Brett to prioritise this decision.

Spelthorne planners have been investigating aerial photographs and records for the industrial estate and are continuing to piece together the history of the site. This work is ongoing as there is uncertainty about the age of some of the premises and businesses which have been established over the years without permission. Council power to evict these businesses is time barred if they can meet certain criteria.

In the end, the closure of Littleton Lane may lie entirely in the hands of Brett, as the enforcement powers of Surrey County and Spelthorne Borough Councils have diminished over time.

Residents sincerely hope that Brett show respect for the local community who have tolerated so much HGV traffic, by clearing the entire site and honouring the 106 agreement to return this land to Green Belt by Feb 2020.

Residents request that SBC and SCC planning professionals and Councillors work together in this regard. We ask that the views of local residents are continually expressed to Brett and that negotiations are pursued vigorously.

There will be another meeting at the end of April.

  Laleham Residents Association AGM - 10th May 2018
The Annual General Meeting of the Laleham Residents Association will take place on Thursday 10th May at The Lucan Pavilion.

This is an opportunity for you to come with your issues an questions and to find out what we have been up to. Among other things, we will be updating you on various traffic and speeding issues in the Village.

We will be talking about our Littleton Lane 2020 campaign and the Manor Farm Community Liaison Group

There will be lots more on the agenda so please come along and make our views known!

The formal meeting will start at 7.30pm and the bar will be open from 7.00pm. Local MP and councillors will all be invited.

All are welcome but only paid up members can vote. It will be possible to join the LRA or renew subscriptions on the evening. Family membership is £5 - Individual membership is £3. (Donations welcome)

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